A Guide to Your Baby’s Weight Gain in the First Few Months

A Guide to Your Baby’s Weight Gain in the First Few Months

Sometimes parents are a little confused as to exactly how much a baby is supposed to gain after weight and what to do when the baby loses weight? Often times they are very scared and confused about what to do. First you should know a few things about a baby’s natural weight…

When a baby is just born it is absolutely normal for him/her to lose a few ounces, this weight will normally come back after a few days (10-12). During this time the baby’s only nutrients come from either the mother’s breast milk or formula. If the mother is unable to breastfeed then it is extremely important to make sure the baby is comfortable with the formula in the first few days. Some baby’s can have an allergic reaction or digestive problems.

When the baby is about 1-2 months, it will most likely gain 5-7 ounces a week. This of course depends on how your baby eats. If there are no problems and your baby is eating regularly then you will notice him/her gaining weight more and more.

When your baby turns 3 months you will notice that now the baby will gain a little less (roughly about 4 ounces a week). The feeding will decrease to five to 7 times a day. If you are breastfeeding your child then you will probably still be feeding the same due to breast fed babies eating more than bottle feed.

At 4 months your baby might already be interested in trying solids if he is mature enough. Talk to your pediatrician first to make sure he is ready. Usually you should continue to breastfeed until 6 months so if you can you should wait and see if you can breastfeed or bottle feed for a little while longer.

When your baby hits 5 months then he or she should be double the newborn weight by now. Check in with your doctor to make sure your infant is on track and is healthy. At 6 months baby will gain around 3-5 ounces a week. During this age parents like to start with solids.

11-12 months is when your baby should have tripled his or her birth weight and is now crawling all around the house and experimenting with new foods as well as developing favorite meals.