All about Vitamin D and why your infant/child needs so much of it

All about Vitamin D and why your infant/child needs so much of it

What is Vitamin D?


Vitamin helps our body's immune system as well as Neuromuscular system to stay regulated and healthy. Everybody knows that the Immune system is the regulator or our heath. When our Immune system is weakened, our body's first response it to kick in the symptoms to let us know that we have to treat our body as it is about to get sick. The main vitamins that help to support the Immune system are Vitamin A, C and D.

Vitamin D is mainly produced by the body itself but can also be obtained from sunlight. Yet this is hard to do especially in the winter months depending on where you life. Therefore it is very important for your infant/child to be outside and able to breathe fresh air and be exposed to sunlight. Allow your child to play outside and run around. If your child is too young perhaps an infant, simply go on a walk and allow some sunlight to get to your infant.

Diet filled with Vitamin D


Spinach and Broccoli as well as fish contain a lot of vitamin D, yet if you have a little infant it would be rather hard to feed him/her solid food. If you are bottle feeding make sure your baby formula suits the right amount of vitamins to satisfy your baby’s needs.

Calcium is another important factor when is comes to healthy bone, teeth and immune system development. Your infants/child requires 7 times more calcium than you as an adult because their body is developing and growing around the clock. HiPP Kindermilch COMBIOTIK is a perfect example of a baby formula that contains all the right ingredients and vitamins for your infant.