Complementing Breast Milk with Formula Feed

Complementing Breast Milk with Formula Feed

There are times when we have supplemented breast feed with the formula feed in order to shift the baby from one type of nutritional milk to another. The question rises can we complement breast milk with formula feed?

Breast milk is the most natural and best for the baby’s intake. It has the right amount of nutrients the baby will need all through it growing time. The growth and development is best suited with the breast milk. But, it has its own consequences when mixed with organic baby formula. 

If you could make your formula feed using the breast milk instead of water it would have been mentioned on the package directions. But we see nothing like that and therefore raise the question. A simple explanation to this is doubling up on nutrients. Therefore it is always recommended to first finish drinking breast milk and only after that if the baby is hungry and has some capacity it should be given organic formula according to its diet. 

The breast feed is having the same amount of nutrients as one scoop of formula feed. If the baby’s formula milk is prepared with breast milk there are chances of high concentration of nutrients and minerals in the milk. Vitamin C might pass through the baby easily but the rest of the minerals have their own potential effect on the baby.

If the baby is habituated to have four ounces of milk at one time of its feed, it can be served or fed in two ways: 

  • The baby can be served breast milk first and the formula feed for the rest of its hunger.
  • Or you can mix 2 ounce of formula feed and 2 ounce of breast milk in the feed bottle.

Perhaps the second idea will have its own consequences. The bottle milk might have an effect on taste and the baby might repel it completely. Or if the baby likes it you might have to serve the baby like this on demand. The best part is breast milk can be pumped and kept for 5 days in the coolest part of your refrigerator and the frozen breast milk can be stored till 12 months.