Does your Baby’s Organic Formula contain Sugar?

Does your Baby’s Organic Formula contain Sugar?

You cannot get your kids to eat each of that veggie served on the platter; neither will you have an alternative for the nutrients they will get from that plateful of veggies. Steal it out for your, for it needs the formula feeding. Many mothers in the world have decided to do this and also facing the work that is needed to choose…

Before you have to face any of these worries of choosing the right formula that contains No Genetically Engineered Ingredients, No MSG, Soy or Preservatives; you look for the best option available apart from the formula milk for your baby. This is definitely the biggest problem we face when we have to take care of so many things that go into our baby’s formula milk.

So let me tell you about Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert Organic Formula:

  • Hipp Organic formula: The European HiPP formula is not genetically modified; it is free from harmful sugars and preservatives. The HiPP Organic formula contains palm oil and is blended with coconut oil. Majorly the HiPP Organic formula lacks plant-based sweeteners. It uses Lactose instead which can also naturally be found in mothers breast feed. Lactose contains natural sugar element that is also found in cow’s milk. The HiPP Organic formula also has beneficial prebiotics.

  • Holle and Lebenswert Organic formula: This genetic modification free formula is held to its highest of standards. It is pesticide free, free from added sugars and also free from corn syrup. There is also Holle goat’s milk formula only if the kid is allergic to lactose based formula milk. Lebenswert is free from sugars and corn syrup; organic formula, it is certified organic, contains no genetic modifications, and the cows therefore used are treated humanely. The Holle Organic formula comes from grass-fed, organic, and biodynamic cows. It does not contain any synthetic ingredients that you’ll find in American formulas. It also does not contain soy or corn ingredients. Lebenswert is a new formula under the Holle brand. The Stage 1 Lebenswert formula is better than original Holle because it contains lactose instead of maltodextrin.

For now you definitely know what to look for in the ingredient list of the formula. While lactose based milk formula is good for your newborn. The higher stages won’t be lactose free and make your kid exposed and healthy with the perfect balance of further required nutrients. Look for HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert and stay with the stages of the formula throughout the growing age of your kid.