Formula that is best for infants suffering from acid-refulx

Formula that is best for infants suffering from acid-refulx

What is acid-reflux?

When the contents in the stomach flow back into the infant's esophagus is usually results in the infant vomiting or spitting up, which is a condition called acid reflux. While acid reflux is usually a very common case among newborns and infants, there are some severe cases at times.

What are the severe Symptoms?

If you are unsure whether your child had severe acid reflux, please contact your pediatrician or doctor to help you. Symptoms of severe acid reflux include; baby being very fussy/ crying a lot, sensitive tummy, baby not gaining weight or even losing weight and gagging during feedings.

The symptoms listed above are examples of severe acid reflux, yet do not worry if your baby spits up every once in a while. Spitting up is totally normal as well as mild acid reflux. If your baby is experiencing mild acid reflux then some small adjustments can be made to fix this problem.

 What can I do to prevent spitting and mild reflux?

First off, any shaking after the infant has been recently fed can play a big role in acid reflux/spitting up. Make sure to keep your baby still after feedings and allow him/her time to relax. In most cases an infant will fall asleep shortly after a feeding, therefore it can help to have the baby lay in a slight inclined position to minimize the back flow. Please do not place a big pillow under the infant due to danger that can occur if the baby is unable to move around and too weak to flip. For this case there are certain safe pillows that are designed particularly for this use. (such as shown below).

Another great option for a child struggling with acid reflux is formula that is especially designed for infants struggling with this problem, these formulas are called "Anti-reflux formula". An Anti-reflux formula will prevent the backflow from happening and therefore prevents the acid reflux.