Meaning of Certifications of your Baby Formula

Meaning of Certifications of your Baby Formula

The old times were such there was no difference between the Organic and a Non-GMO product. But today’s business people; just give them one of your most cherished thing and they will turn it into their world class marketing strategy. None of us is unknown to such things done by businessmen to get more sales for their product. That is one reason each thing that goes inside ours or our baby’s body should be taken care of. Each ingredient should be known and the standards of each certification should be known to the general masses who are consuming those products. Because today each one of us is CONCERNED!

So the baby formula is organic, okay! When we are concerned of what is going in our baby’s feed we definitely look for the certification that is trustworthy enough. For all mothers that have chosen German baby formula for their babies need not worry.

One on one we will talk about all the certifications that the baby formula has. First comes the very important thing that is told about the formula; it is Organic.

The formulas that are Organic are Non-GMO too. Organic food has a variety of benefits; the consumer tends to stay healthy and active in its life.  Due to proper intake of pure nutrients the baby is also able to develop properly. This is because organic foods are grown without conventional pesticides and sewage sludge. The organic is grown keeping in mind responsible farming methods in order to preserve the nature for future generations. In addition to all this organic foods must be grown without genetically engineered ingredients.

A range of baby formulas are made by the German organic formulas Hipp, Hollle and Lebenswert offering complete nutrition for your little one. It is very close to breast milk of the mother and is designed for the baby to consume in even the hard stages of its development age.

Next is the Demeter certification and that is a double check on the organic certification. Note that all the Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert formula are Demeter Certified.

Demeter is a brand for products from biodynamic agriculture, but this brand is surely isn’t the regular marketing idea. Demeter has been constantly evolving since 1928, making it the oldest and longest practiced form of quality assurance in sustainable agriculture.  It is also an international sign of quality hence biodynamic produce. Demeter standards go above and beyond organic to guarantee methods of production and processing that are environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable. No doubt organic certification is the prerequisite for the Demeter Certification.

Well now I hope mothers can take a sigh of relief and make the right choice and chose the needed formula for the baby.