Origin of your Baby’s Feed – The Biodynamic Farms

Origin of your Baby’s Feed – The Biodynamic Farms

You might have come across the products being from Biodynamic farms and also being Demeter certified. This is common with all German organic formulas you have been using be it Hipp, Holle or the Lebenswert. The important part is for the baby formulas to be organic one need to use the resources from an organic farm that stands up to the standards.     

Demeter Certification:

To match the standards of food products Demeter is the most trusted certification organization in over 50 countries to give a green signal to the products from the biodynamic farms. Demeter Biodynamic Certification is used to verify that biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing. The certification further requires biodiversity and ecosystem preservation, soil husbandry, livestock integration, prohibition of genetically engineered organisms and viewing the farm as a living “holistic organism”.

Holistic organism: the farm needs to be looked at as one organism and all should be treated equally. Be it the grass, the field, the man or the animal.

Biodynamic Farms:

The name suggests that the farms have something to do with the organic farming. It does follow the conventional farming methods but is not a much similar. It does not spray herbicides or pesticides, neither the animals nor the soil are given chemicals for growth and better performance. All this is taken care so that the final product has no traces of chemical. The place is not overcrowded, the animals stay at the fields and so much more to provide a complete natural and safe environment. It is the Holistic Approach of organic farming.

Germany covers the 45% of the total biodynamic area in the world. The certification that it takes is strict enough, it needs to be renewed each year and a farmer knows that to reach that strict a standard it does take a year. So the standards of the resource farm need not to be worried by the parents.

German Organic Formulas:

Hipp Organic Formula:

The Hipp Company itself is certified as a Biodynamic company. There may be many controversial products going in your baby’s Hipp formula but, all the explanations are provided on our blog. That is why the company is called the biodynamic company because despite of all the products they take care to use the standardized quantities that won’t do any harm to the kid.

Holle Organic Formula:

The Holle baby formula meets the biodynamic qualifications according to the Demeter certification. It is especially regarded real close to the mother’s feed and goes well with most of the kids.

Lebenswert Organic Formula:                      

It comes under Holle Company and has got a Biodynamic Organic certification by The BIoland Association. Lebenswert is said to be lighter than the Holle formula and mostly very close to the mothers feed to serve your baby the best.