What Happens When Your Baby Turns 3 Month's Old

What Happens When Your Baby Turns 3 Month's Old

The most precious gift for both mother and father is to watch your little on grow each and every day. As parents you notice every single little change as your baby grows, this is why parents sometimes freak out over the smallest wink, smile or sound their little one gives or makes. Form being in the mother’s belly for 9 months to becoming this growing learning little happy goofball is a journey every parent gets to experience and enjoy.


Yet, the most interesting time starts around the age of 3 months. At approximately 3 months the baby experiences many developmental changes. You will start to notice that the baby’s head might be growing more rapidly than the body, not to worry the body will pick up its pace as well.


Another change many parents notice is that the baby tends to sleep almost through the whole night! What a relieve! It can be extremely hard for both parents to get up multiple times a night, even when they switch off. The constant disturbance causes lack of sleep and is a truly exhausting time. Luckily this will get easier with 3 months. Your baby might not sleep through the whole night right away, but you sure will start noticing some longer hours of sleep.


The most significant thing you will start to notice are the communication and emotion skills your baby is now able to show.


Changes such as:


-smiling a lot more often; at parents or strangers they meet


-They recognize their parents by voice and smell


-Baby will try to talk and communicate with you through making random sounds


-They become stronger and might be using their arms to hold themselves up when laying on their tummy.


This time is a critical development period for your baby, therefore it is up to the parents to make it their number one priority to teach the baby as much as possible. With “teach” we mean, talk and sing to your baby. Read books, show pictures with bright colors and objects. Through constant practice and play your baby will have a better memory as well as develop fast than a baby that is not much talked to or played with.