What Ingredient makes Organic Baby Formula close to Breast Milk

What Ingredient makes Organic Baby Formula close to Breast Milk

Mother’s who cannot nurse or are finding a supplement to their breast milk while they cannot produce enough for the baby’s need or in general think that the formula feed will be good for their kid, often look for something that is real close to the Breast milk.

So here is something that can be of real help to all the parents out there.

There is this one thing called Lactose that is the most natural ingredient and has a big composition of both formula feed and the breast feed. The first milk that is the Colostrum has the presence of Lactoferrin. This is meant to help the baby build a strong immunity system and a good respiratory system. Colostrum is the special kind of milk produces by the mother’s breast especially for the early days of its kid’s life. But Colostrum with the presence of Lactoferrin is produced in mammary glands of mammals following the delivery of their newborn. All this leads to a way to include such properties of this special kind of milk ingredient in your baby’s feed. Therefore to make the formula feed most similar to the breast feed Organic Lactose is used.

Organic Lactose found in Cow’s milk and goat’s milk (tap the names to get the formulas) is extracted and formulated with other important vitamins and minerals to provide your baby the best possible formula feed. No doubt that the mother’s feed always remains the best for the kid. This is so because according to the recent researches mother’s milk changes at all time according to the baby’s sensitivities. Day 1 and Day 10s milk is completely different. At the time of weaning too the breast feed changes to make the baby immune to the exposures. The formula can also be changed according to the needs of the baby for this you can try on different stages and types of the formula.

Something more about the standards of the organic milk formula can help you trust the German formula better. Know the origin of your baby’s formula.

Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert use organic lactose from the cows raised in biodynamic farms. The use of others carbohydrates and corn syrup are neglected and hence the formula is made close to the mother’s breast feed. This further ensures the mother’s of the authenticity of the product and is used by majority people including American countries. The American Standards and the European Standards are way different. Therefore relying upon the strict standards used to make the German Organic formula, the mothers are happy enough to switch to the German formula.

The parents that reviewed and trust the product feel that every penny was worth spending on the formula. Raising a happy kid with the best, natural, authentic ingredients and strict standards has been great.