What is the best Organic Formula for my Baby?

What is the best Organic Formula for my Baby?

Many mothers that decide to bottle feed struggle with choosing the right formula for their child. When it comes to choosing a formula there are a few questions you can ask yourself to make the process a little easier.

Many people pick the most popular formula while some like to listen to other mother’s or relatives with children that have already purchased a specific formula. It really depends on what you prefer your child to have. Some mother’s only want their babies to consume gluten free or organic products. Looking at companies websites, ingredients and even mission statements can be very helpful with choosing a favorite that fits your desires.

In our opinion, choosing Only Organic Infant Formula Brands is crucial. But be aware that the Label Organic isn't always really good either. Look for ingredients like corn syrup (and avoid them) your baby does not need the extra sugar - and think of it this way: Would I feel comfortable give this to my baby? Is this close to breast milk? Do your research about Brands and Stages, keep your mind open and look worldwide. Choose your retailer carefully as many baby food sellers work out of garages where Products are not properly stored. You get my point right?

as we think those Companies follow the worldwide highest organic standards and are dedicated to ONLY produce Organic, grass-fed, GMO Free Formulations following strict organic certificates as Demeter and Bioland.

When first starting off with with a Formula for your precious Newborn, choose a PRE milk (Stage PRE) that closest mimics breast milk (only Lactose) and therefore is THE BEST choice for your babies first 6 months. After 6 months it is recommended to switch to a stage 2. Stage 2 includes different vitamins, iron and nutrients essential for the growth of bones and a healthy immune system.

Again, when it comes to the ingredients of a Infant Formula mother’s need to decide on what kind of main ingredients are eye catching, good or bad.(CORNSYRUP BAD) Comparing and contrasting different companies and formula ingredients can also help with the elimination process. European formula is extremely popular due to its strict regulations on ingredients, therefore do not be scared to try formulas made by European Companies such as Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert.

Another thing to look for in formula are probiotics. Probiotic is a very beneficial “good bacteria” that supports the body's digestive system in order to work properly and healthy.

Picking the perfect formula for your baby can be very stressful at times, especially when you only want the best for your baby and aren't familiar with all ingredients inside it. Doing research and learning more about some important ingredients can help you understand which product to purchase.

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