When Can You Stop Sterilizing Your Baby's Bottles?

When Can You Stop Sterilizing Your Baby's Bottles?

First of all mothers we need to know when to stop bottle feeding the baby. As the baby is little right now and needs the bottles, but the baby will be teething soon. So it is recommended to use cups and beakers with the baby to feed it. This can be done when the baby is ready for it. The simple reason is they are easy to clean and the baby will have no trouble adjusting to such utensils when it gets older.

The baby bottles have to be sterilized always because they are difficult to clean and the remains of the powder and milk might bread harmful bacteria in your baby’s bottle. This is then capable to cause diarrhea and vomiting to your baby. So sterilizing is the only way to ensure that the baby is kept safe from those harmful bacteria.

The organic baby formula is not the only thing that needs to be taken care of for the baby feed. It is the bottles and the nipples that are used to feed the baby. In a matter of a year the baby can be exposed will be able to take all the bacteria essential and some non-essential. By then the baby has developed and has a strong immunity to deal with the same. Now this is the time you can stop sterilizing the bottles.

The cups and other utensils you use for the baby are easy to wash and keep free from the bacteria unlike bottle nukes. They just need to be washed in warm soapy water aside from other utensils. You can wash them in the dish washers’ top shelf and keep them away after drying. This way you help your baby to stay safe and develop without getting ill.