When should Infants be allowed to Drink Water?

When should Infants be allowed to Drink Water?

This is one matter of real concern and a lot of aspects to keep in mind. The baby’s body is really delicate and the system is not fully developed. So for the first 6 months the baby is hydrated with the mother’s breastfeed. From 8-10 months the kid doesn’t need as much water either, but, on the least you can start giving it some water. And hence forth keep in mind that the water is taken in gradually increased quantity every year. Now raises the question are infants allowed drinking water?

For the First six months

This is to be kept in mind that the kids do not need water unless they turn 6 months old. The baby’s body has enough water to fulfill the need; the rest can be completed with the breastfeed or infant formulas like the Hipp Organic Formula or Holle Organic Formula. Excessive water in the body of your little one can clog the functioning of the rest of the organs; this dysfunction can further make it sick. Also if at this stage the baby is given a lot of water the sodium and water gets defecated through urine and hence lead to loss of essential water in the body. This further could also lead to malnutrition in your baby’s body as the water has drained of all the nutrients. Know what the best organic formula is for your baby!

For the next 8-10 months

After 6 months you can start giving them water, but, in little quantities most of it you give with the milk formula that you use thereafter. The water you give should not be tap water because they are sensitive enough at this stage to take in harsh minerals that come with the tap water. You can boil the water and sterilize the bottle before using it to feed some water to your baby. Well here you also have to keep in mind that while you are giving the little water you need to give to your baby; you need to hold your baby in upright position. Also now you can do some fun and introduce straw bottles as a little bit air suck –up won’t affect your baby much. Know about your Organic Infant Formula 101 here!

Infants thereafter are developed enough to digest the water and drinking water, which is the tap water. Make your kids prone to all minerals and vitamins by exposing them, but one little step at a time.

Keep in mind:

  • No doubt how sick your toddler goes avoid water in the first six months. On extremities well a spoonful is enough. When the water level exceeds in the newborns body it might clog the functioning of the baby’s system.
  • Water can interfere with a baby's ability to receive proper nourishment and could even make them sick. Your baby’s kidneys cannot handle too much of water until six months.
  • After six months keep in mind to boil the water before offering it to your kid as I said he needs to be exposed to plain water but after 10 months of age.
  • Putting too much water in baby formula can also cause health issues. So you have to take care of the quantities just like you take care of the temperature of the baby’s organic food.

We wish for your Deary Naughties, your Toddlers, and your Kids a lifelong health!