Why do we Switch from Infant Formula to Toddler Formula?

Why do we Switch from Infant Formula to Toddler Formula?

The little one is developing and there will be time he/she will be fully developed. As parents we keep track of their growth and the need to change the stages of their formula to keep them in tact with their growth process in the growing years. So we chose wisely the needed formula that needs to be fed to the baby in order to keep it healthy and happy. Taking care of all the sensitivities we switch from a pre stage to stage 1 of the German baby formula and so on.

What does this change actually mean? Why do we really switch between stages? And most importantly is it necessary?

The baby is premature or very little days from the normal birth and you realize in a matter of days that the nursing isn’t suiting the newly born baby or other possible causes of not feeding it your own milk. You will prefer the Hipp Pre Organic baby formula. Yet we need to understand that soon the baby needs a shift, the tummy size is getting bigger and the baby is not getting satisfied with its feed. It is not the minerals that are changing in the formula feed but the capacity to fill the baby with its developing system.

The age bars on the formula packet are a mere distraction while changing from pre to infant milk. But as the kid’s body is developing, and at one stage has developed to the fullest. We are definitely also weaning the kid’s feed. Now that the baby has grown to eat the big kid’s food and be able to digest it, it is not that it isn’t getting any minerals, nutrients from there. And hence the reason that baby doesn’t need that amount of minerals from the formula as much needed from the infant formula at the early stages of its life.

The baby when little is in the developing stage. So the parents will chose the natural baby feed for their baby’s sensitive body very carefully and hence the Infant milk and its stages with the growing needs of the baby. The baby when little needs all kinds of nutrients to be able to grow healthy. So it is important for us to keep track of the ingredient list and change only when the baby is less satisfied with the previous formula. The Infant formula is filled with all the important nutrients for the baby while the toddler formula is less stuffed with all kinds of nutrients. Only because as the baby grows he/she needs less of all the nutrients together in the formula, as it is getting sufficed with the food it is eating.

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