Why Goat milk is the best alternative for cow milk

Why Goat milk is the best alternative for cow milk

While most infants have no problem digesting cow milk formula at first, some develop a reaction towards the milk after some time, most likely due to the amount of lactose that is within cow milk. This reaction is called lactose intolerance. Some infants develop it over time and some are born with this intolerance or milk allergies.


*If you are unsure whether your baby is lactose intolerant or has a mild milk allergy, please consult with your doctor/pediatrician to make sure you can provide the best possible care for your infant. *


The fats within cow milk are unevenly distributed which makes it harder to digest, as well as cause acid reflux. Whole goat milk is evenly distributed and therefore easier to digest and cause less reflux.


What makes goat milk the best substitute for cow milk?

Well, just like cow milk, goat milk is filled with proteins. Yet goat milk benefits the child more due to it also containing less lactose and more calcium as well as more vitamin A and B6. Goat milk is the best possible alternative option because it is a known fact that 50% of people suffering from lactose intolerance are easily able to digest goat milk without reacting.


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