Why Soy-free Organic Baby Formula?

Why Soy-free Organic Baby Formula?

I was amazed when one of the American mothers asked me that ‘Soy-free formulas are those real?’ Well just to answer that yes that one is for real!

I understand that you want to give your baby a vegan life but not only at the cost of its well being. The plant based soy has numerous effects on your kids. Have a look:

  • Estrogenic effect:

These occur naturally in soy and can have adverse effect on your baby. It will delay developing in your baby boy and this is the time you are giving formula to the kid to develop properly so that he won’t face problems when older, and this is like a nightmare right? It also affects the reproductive health of girls.

  • Phytic acid:

Easily found in soybeans phytic acid will stop the absorption of nutrients by your baby’s body. It mainly blocks magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc absorption. Not only this it has the tendency to irritate the digestive track and hence give your baby tummy problems.

  • Trypsin Inhibitors:

It is a type of protein found in soy. It has the tendency to stop the absorption of nutrients important for overall growth and development of the baby. But mainly it will stop brain development.

Well to neglect these effects and give your baby a healthy life it is therefore recommended to give your kid the German Organic Formula. Each source of ingredient even is certified organic. The baby formula is thus formulated to grow your kid absolutely safe and naturally just like the mother’s feed. Know more about German formula that are best for your baby at our blog.

There is a connection between Americans and Soybean. America being the largest producer of soybean has now made it an entrant in even the baby formulas too. Easily available on shelves the soybean crop has been genetically engineered to withstand pesticides which make it a highly-processed ingredient. No doubt that the soya due to its complex composition should not be part of the baby formula and has possible estrogenic effects and risks of future allergies. Concerns have been raised and now it is not healthier.

Please look into the composition of the formulas before choosing a feed for your baby to minimize or finish the adverse effects.