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Baby shampoo

When a child is born in the family, in addition to buying a huge number of essential things such as rattles and diapers, milk bottles and formula milk, it is important not to forget about bathing products for the baby – and here you cannot do without a high-quality baby shampoo!

At an early age, babies’ hair and skin are much more sensitive and delicate and require additional protection in the form of warm parental hands and safe care products. Infants’ skin is five times thinner than that of adults and often changes with environment, developmental stage and health status. That is why it is important to buy a baby shampoo, which will not only do no harm, but will also take care of the scalp.

Sometimes the skin of babies needs additional support, irritation may appear due to hereditary and acquired allergies, stress or simple temperature changes. Using a modern and safe shampoo solves these problems and truly cares for your baby! This gentle skincare routine will support your baby’s skin, help protect it, while allowing it to self-regulate.

Best baby shampoo from German Formula Express!

Newborns need a certain hygiene regimen: they need to wash their hair on average 1-2 times a week. Proper care is extremely important here and involves the use of specialized bathing products - this category includes all kinds of gels, foams, as well as specialized shampoos. The latter play a particularly important role, since they affect not only the hair itself, but also the scalp.

Some ten to twenty years ago, the term “Baby shampoo” simply did not exist, and parents used the most common soap for bathing the baby and washing his/her head, however, due to the excessive alkali content, modern mothers refused from it – and this is really the right decision.

Baby shampoos offered by German Formula Express are quite different from those used by adults. First of all, they have a safer composition (such shampoos do not contain sulfates, alkalis, dyes and preservatives that are even more harmful to the baby’s body). An equally important point is hypoallergenicity. The differences also include a special formula “without tears”, when it gets on the mucous membrane, there is no irritation, no discomfort and pain. Best baby shampoo is really convenient to use!

If almost any baby shampoo is suitable for older babies of 7-10 years old, then it would be more correct for younger babies to choose a special series marked “0+”. This suggests that such a composition is absolutely harmless. At the same time, preference should be given exclusively to proven brands – this will eliminate the appearance of allergic reactions.

Safe composition

The shampoos made in Germany are always of the highest quality and guarantee the safety of your child. Mothers who use German Formula Express products do not have to worry about the condition of their baby’s hair and scalp: such bathing products are developed taking into account the sensitive skin of babies, they easily and carefully clean their hair, and then just rinse off without leaving any residue.

Most shampoos for babies contain chamomile extract. It is highly regarded in both traditional and folk medicine. Of all the known herbs, chamomile is most suitable for caring for babies, as it almost never provokes allergic reactions. Chamomile extract promotes wound healing, the azulene and bisabolol contained in it have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.

When you decide to buy baby shampoo, you will get the best hair care product that is especially gentle, soothes your baby’s sensitive skin and does not irritate the eyes.

Washing your baby’s head should be correct. These products should be designed specifically for children, as their skin is thinner and more permeable than adults, and products that do not contain synthetic preservatives, flavors and dyes are the best choice here. Such shampoos are developed taking into account all the features of children’s hair, their composition is free of parabens, sulfates, all kinds of dyes, as well as anesthetic components that negatively affect the protective function of the eyes. But there are many useful organic additives that soften baby’s hair and protect his/her skin from drying out. This can be milk protein, olive oil, or chamomile. Such products foam well and are easily washed off the hair.

Best baby shampoos have a hypoallergenic composition that suits even the most sensitive baby skin. They do not dry out, but rather nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair. The composition of such products is as safe as possible and is confirmed by numerous studies and certificates. An important point here is the complete absence of preservatives and dyes - as a result, the shampoo does not sting or irritate the eyes, which is very important for both mothers and babies.

The widest choice of baby shampoos!

German Formula Express offers the largest range of bath products – truly safe, easy to use and effective. Thanks to the nutrients and oils in the composition, the hair is easy to comb after washing. This is an important factor, since baby hair is very thin and can be difficult to comb painlessly. With these shampoos, you won’t have this problem!

We believe that when it comes to bathing babies, it is good to adhere to one rule: the fewer the better. That’s why mild, neutral care products with natural ingredients, nourishing oils and no fragrances are the best way to care. You need just a little of this shampoo!

Babies’ skin is prone to dryness and irritation, which should also be considered when buying baby shampoo. Since the protective function of the skin, the so-called protective barrier, has not yet been fully formed, it dries out easily, becomes more permeable and susceptible to external effects of harmful substances. At the same time, moisture loss increases. That is why it is important here to choose the best baby shampoo, which is free of harmful substances, which not only doesn’t have irreparable effects on the hair and skin, but also protects them!

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