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Baby creams & lotions

German Formula Express offers the best creams and lotions for babies – special cosmetics designed to maintain the hydrolipidic balance of baby’s delicate skin. They are approved by leading pediatricians and dermatologists and meet all the requirements of being hypoallergenic and natural.

In our online store, you can buy baby creams and lotions exclusively from certified European brands. Despite the differences in density and composition, these often work in similar ways.

  • Baby lotions – have a light texture, are quickly absorbed due to their liquid consistency and prevents the loss of moisture from the epidermis. These products are best used immediately after your baby has taken a bath to keep his/her skin smooth and healthy. If necessary, the lotion can be used for cleansing procedures.
  • Baby creams – have a denser structure, contain solid oils and lanolin, as they should not be absorbed quickly. Most often they are used for protective purposes or to restore baby’s damaged skin.
  • Baby balms – usually designed to solve specific problems and applied to local areas of the skin. The balm will be the best helper for eczema, insect bites and diaper rash.

All kinds of baby creams and lotions from German Formula Express!

In our store you can buy everything you need for healthy baby skin:

  • These creams and lotions are recommended to be used after every bath. Baby’s skin is very thin and produces little sebum. Under the influence of hard water, the protective film is washed off - as a result of the drying out of the epidermis, peeling begins, and itching appears. Glycerin and vegetable oils in baby creams prevent skin dehydration and restore its barrier functions.
  • Such baby lotions and creams neutralize the negative effects of environmental factors, such as frost and wind, and the sun’s rays. They have a dense structure based on solid oils (coconut, shea butter). The product covers the baby’s skin with a dense layer and protects body parts in all weather conditions.
  • They are used as diaper cream, relieve irritation from insect bites, and relieve symptoms of eczema. The decision to buy baby creams and lotions will allow small wounds to heal – they contain medicinal plants such as string, calendula and chamomile in their composition. Zinc oxide and panthenol are used as drying and cooling components.

You can also buy all-purpose creams and lotions for babies. They have an adapted formula to keep your baby’s skin healthy. This option combines the functions of several products at once, is convenient on the road and is suitable for all skin types.

For daily care, buy baby lotions and moisturize their skin after bathing to reduce moisture loss from the upper layers of the epidermis. In the cold season and during the heating season, additional care is required in the form of thick protective creams.

Components of baby lotions and creams

The composition of such products from German Formula Express is absolutely safe. Panthenol moisturizes and restores baby’s skin, causes irritation, allergies in mammals, causes allergies, soothes irritated skin, and glycerin causes epidermis as an allergic agent, therefore its use as a causative agent causes allergies.

Lanolin is similar in properties to sebum; therefore, it is safe for the baby, nourishes the skin, is completely absorbed by the top layer of the skin, and regenerates damaged tissues well. Some baby creams and lotions contain extracts of chamomile, calendula, and other plants that relieve redness, heal wounds and microcracks on the baby’s skin. Coconut, avocado and shea butter, in addition to softening and moisturizing, protect against exposure to rays, and milk proteins have a protective and healing effect, are good in the composition of the lotion after bathing. Beeswax has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Before examining baby creams or lotions, you should carefully study the composition of baby cosmetics in order to study the effects of harmful synthetic components. This class includes parabens, silicones, mineral oils and alcohols. Also, animal fats are undesirable ingredients in baby creams. Despite their natural origin, they eventually lead to blockages and acne. Dyes and fragrances very often cause allergies in a baby, therefore, the best services for caring for him will be an odorless cream – these are the kind of baby lotions and creams you will find in our store!

Natural baby cream or lotion consists of a small list of ingredients, contains certified, safe ingredients and vegetable oils.

How to choose cream and lotion for your baby

When choosing a product for your child, the main thing is to buy baby creams, which will be completely safe. To do this, use the following tips: 

  1. Carefully study the labeling indicating the composition, possible contraindications.
  2. Do not use baby creams for babies under 3 years of age unless the age is indicated on the packaging.
  3. Do not use lotion after expiration date. The smaller it is, the more natural the composition of the product.
  4. Children’s skin is more alkaline (pH 6.7) than adult skin. Because of this, it is less resistant to infections from outside. Therefore, choose a cream with a neutral reaction for babies.
  5. Test for sensitivity to ingredients of cream or lotion before use to avoid allergic reaction. Even natural ingredients do not guarantee its absence. Apply the product to the elbow and see if there are any changes.

In fact, only mothers know what their beloved baby needs. And we will help you choose a safe and careful option!

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