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Hipp BIO

Hipp Bio is an organic cow’s milk-based formula. The term “bio” means that only organic ingredients are used here and ensures that this formula is better absorbed by the child’s body. This formula, like other formulas from the company, is manufactured according to the highest standards - it contains all the vitamins and minerals a child needs to grow strong and healthy.

These milk formulas contains only natural ingredients:

  • organic milk - eliminates the occurrence of allergic reactions;
  • long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and 6 - are a key component of the formula, necessary for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system;
  • iron, vitamins A, C and D - necessary for the absorption of calcium and bone growth;
  • probiotics and prebiotics - an important ingredient in formulas offered by German Formula Express that most other brands lack.

Hipp BIO formula contains galactooligosaccharides, a prebiotic fiber that imitates the prebiotics in breast milk. Due to this ingredient these products are a great choice for children with sensitive stomachs who need the nutritional benefits of prebiotics. The formula also contains probiotic cultures, which are an important part of a healthy gut.

You won’t find gluten, soy, refined sugar, or corn syrup in this formula. It is completely free of GMO ingredients, synthetic conservants and artificial nutrients. These formulas are manufactured in Germany and meet or exceed the requirements of the European Union for organic certification, which are much stricter than those in the United States.

This is why Hipp BIO formulas have significant benefits:

  • the composition is as close as possible to breast milk;
  • BIO-milk in the base, which helps to reduce the risk of allergies;
  • probiotics and prebiotics, which create a favorable environment for the proper functioning of the intestines;
  • fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, which provide the body with essential microelements.

Hipp Bio milk formulas offered by German Formula Express are a good organic food choice for your little one! This product can be especially helpful if you or your child have been taking antibiotics or have had a caesarean section, which can interfere with the early formation of essential probiotic cultures in your baby’s intestines. Choosing Hipp Bio, you can be sure that you are giving your baby the very best nutrition!

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