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Holle Cow Formula

Holle organic baby milk is a great choice when it comes to infant formula! Holle Cow Formula tastes great and is 99% organic, child-safe ingredients.

The infant formula in this series is obtained from cows raised on organic biodynamic farms in the most careful conditions. Freely grazing on lush pastures and feeding on such safe grass, they produce the same safe milk – that’s the reason for the excellent quality of formulas offered by German Formula Express!

The best quality milk formulas!

A wide variety of formulas can be found in this series. For example, the Holle Cow Stage 1 is designed for newborns, and the Holle Cow Pre is designed for babies only just born. These formulas are rich in the nutrients your baby needs to develop during the first few weeks of life. Holle Cow Stage 3 formula can be fed to babies until they are three years old, and Holle Cow Stage 4 is the only formula Holle has developed specifically for older children.

The Holle Cow Formula uses a maximum of useful ingredients:

  • vitamins C and E - are powerful antioxidants and are necessary for all people of all ages, especially babies;
  • D calcium pantothenate is the scientific name for vitamin B5, which is essential for a growing body;
  • vitamin A - improves eye health, strengthens the immune system and supports bone growth;
  • vitamin K - required for the health of newborns and older babies;
  • vitamin D - promotes bone growth.

Biodynamic skim milk is the main ingredient in all Holle cow’s milk formulas. This ingredient is packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your baby needs to grow.

It contains partially demineralized organic milk whey powder: it is part of milk and is an important source of protein. Holle include whey powder in their formula to enhance the nutritional value of cow’s milk.

Starch is only included in Holle Cow Formula Stage 2, 3 and 4. It is a rich source of complex carbohydrates that your baby needs to grow. Unlike simple carbohydrates such as sugar, complex carbohydrates take a little longer to digest, which makes your baby feel full up.

Milk formulas from German Formula Express contain organic lactose, which is naturally present in milk and is an essential sweetener. Unlike sucrose, it is not harmful to the baby.

Holle is one of the most respected infant formula brands in the world, and their cow’s milk-based nutrition meets the Demeter standard for organic, biodynamic farming, far exceeding the requirements for organic farming. The Holle Cow Formula range is made with 99% naturally grown ingredients – that’s why it is safe to eat!

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