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Lebenswert baby formula

Lebenswert are organic infant formula based on dairy products certified by “Bioland”. The recipe was created by the German company Holle and meets all quality standards and norms of pediatric nutrition. Lebenswert baby formula is perfect for those who value safety first of all.

This line is designed to feed babies in three age categories: Stage 1 formulas are used for babies from birth and resemble the taste of breast milk, Stage 2 formulas are for babies from six to ten months, they have an optimized vitamin and mineral composition, and Stage 3 milk formulas are designed for babies over 10 months old, promotes active growth and development of intelligence.

Powdered milk formula from German Formula Express is packaged in convenient cardboard boxes, each containing a measuring spoon. They do not require any effort in preparation – just mix the powder with water in the correct proportion and heat to the desired temperature.

Main features of the series

Lebenswert baby formulas are distinguished by a carefully thought-out composition:

  • Skimmed milk and whey – organic raw materials for the production of Lebenswert formulas are obtained from cows that freely graze on bio-organic pastures in Austria and Germany. This prevents antibiotics, hormones and pesticides from entering Lebenswert infant formula.
  • Lactose this carbohydrate is an irreplaceable energy source in breast milk, is easily digested, making the formula more attractive to the baby.
  • Vitamin E a natural antioxidant that protects the tissues of the growing body from free radicals, participates in the formation of nerve fibers.
  • Calcium in combination with vitamin D and K contributes to the development of the musculoskeletal system, the hematopoietic system and the formation of immunity. 

The fat content of Lebenswert baby formula imitates the fatty acid profile of breast milk and is a critical nutrient. The content of microelements and vitamins in this product meets all pediatric standards. They fully ensure the growth and development of all systems of the child’s life.

Lebenswert has adapted the formula for each developmental stage of the infant, ensuring that he or she grows nutritiously. At the first stage, lactose is used as the main source of carbohydrates, as a natural component of breast milk. Stages 2 and 3 contain maltodextrin, such formula from German Formula Express is perfect for babies with digestive problems who react to milk sugar. Stage 3 has added a source of Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) to support the burgeoning brain activity of an older toddler.

Lebenswert formulas have a simplified composition compared to other brands. Moreover, the formula contains 100% of the necessary vitamins and minerals for the full development of the baby. Translated from German “lebenswert” means “alive”, baby food of this brand is distinguished by the purity of its components and the absence of artificial additives such as conservants and stabilizers.

Using Lebenswert baby formula, you not only take care of the health of your beloved baby, but also contribute to the nature conservation!

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