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Hipp and Holle Stage PRE

Breastfeeding provides the baby with health, proper physical and mental development, prevents diseases, but in some cases, there is too little breast milk, it is not produced at all or its composition is not able to fully meet the needs of the baby. In that event the best decision is to use additional Hipp and Holle Stage PRE milk formulas or a complete transition to artificial nutrition.

The choice of quality food is extremely important, here you need to take into account both the composition of the formula and the individual needs of the child. And some of the most famous and reliable baby food manufacturers are Hipp and Holle. These giants of the global market have held leading positions for many years. Among their products there is a special line - Stage PRE. It is intended for newborns and children under 6 months of age.

The best formula milk from German Formula Express!

Stage PRE has earned its popularity for good reason. A number of distinct advantages and benefits have formed the widest audience of Hipp and Holle fans. They are loved for their many features. Firstly, this is a completely organic composition of the formulas, without adding of GMO components. When buying a Holle or Hipp PRE milk formula, parents are one hundred percent sure that their baby will receive truly high-quality nutrition.

The carbohydrate composition of these formulas corresponds to the composition of breast milk and is very easy to digest. Since breast milk is so sweet and nutritious, yet easy to digest, it is difficult to achieve identical characteristics. But the Hipp and Holle Stage PRE line uses the only carbohydrate - lactose. It is a simple sugar found in breast milk. It is highly digestible and has a high nutritional value. As a result, the forming organism accepts it perfectly.

Vitamins and minerals in such formulas are in the right amount. In addition to proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the products include the most essential substances for a child. In combination with essential minerals, they ensure harmonious development and excellent well-being of the child. Holle and Hipp PRE formulas presented by  German Formula Express also contain the fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics needed to digest food comfortably.

Why are Hipp and Holle Stage PRE the best?

At every age, at every stage of development, children need an optimal set of nutrients, calorie intake and an appropriate level of food absorption. Stage PRE is the perfect combination of all these factors for babies from 0 to 6 months. It is as close as possible to natural breast milk; therefore, it is easily accepted by a small organism.

Holle and Hipp companies are, first and foremost, quality, reliability and compliance with all regulations and production standards. When there is a question of choosing a milk formula, it is better to trust these companies: in this case, you are guaranteed to get a natural composition without dyes, conservants and other harmful or artificial ingredients. Your child will receive the full range of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and a balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Hipp PRE and Holle Stage PRE are a significant contribution to the health and well-being of your baby!
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